A store manager’s job is one that is filled with much responsibility, so store manager employers are often very meticulous during interviews. The following store manager interview questions and answers are those that your potential employer may ask in order to determine whether or not you are right for the position.

How Have You Sold ‘Product ABC’ in the Past?

Store managers are responsible for much more than paperwork, scheduling and supervision. They are the backbone of the store and the individuals responsible for helping other employees meet their sales goals. Your interviewer will want to know the methods you have used to sell similar products in the past. “When I was in college, I worked in a clothing store. I was able to sell ABC jeans more often than XYZ jeans because they are one of my favorite brands and I have experience with it. Since I have familiarized myself with your product and even used it personally, I believe that I can build the value and need for this product that is necessary to sell it” is a phenomenal answer.

How Did You Overcome Objections when Selling That Product?

Consumers will object to sales initiatives for many reasons, but the two most popular reasons for objections have to do with price or lack of need. You will need to demonstrate that you are capable of overcoming them. “Customers often objected to purchasing ABC jeans because they cost $10 more per pair than XYZ jeans. However, I simply told them that ABC jeans were more comfortable and lasted many years longer than XYZ jeans, and this was often all it took to close the sale.” With this answer, you are demonstrating your ability to sell a product and overcome common objections.

How Would You Help an Employee Who is Struggling to Meet Sales Goals?

Since the performance of the store’s employees will reflect upon you directly and impact the business significantly, it is very important for you to help anyone who seems to be struggling with meeting goals. “I would first observe the employee in an effort to determine why he or she is having difficulty. Once I have discovered the problem, I would take the time to role play with the employee so that he or she can practice overcoming objections, portraying confidence or any other issue that may be hindering him or her.” You may also discuss any fresh sales techniques you can bring to the table.

How Would You Handle an Understaffed Shift?

Unless you are being interviewed for a position with a large department store, it is likely that there will only be one or two sales associates on duty at any given time. As such, when an employee does not report for duty, this can put the store in a bind. Your interviewer will want to know how you would handle such a situation. “I would first contact the employees who were scheduled off that day to find out if they are willing to cover the shift. If not, I would take it upon myself to cover that shift on my own.” This answer not only shows that you have a plan in place, but it also proves that you are dedicated to your job if that plan fails.

A store manager has a lot of responsibility, and it is your interviewer’s job to determine whether or not you can handle it. You should arrive at your interview well-rested, properly groomed and confident in order to make an excellent impression on your interviewer.