When you are applying for a position as a veterinary assistant, you will be applying to work with animals and to assist a veterinarian in his or her duties. As such, there are several veterinary assistant interview questions and answers that may be helpful in allowing the interviewer to gauge your skills and competency.

Are You Afraid of Large Animals?

When many people think of veterinary work, they are flooded with mental images of cute kittens and puppies as well as a turtle or two. However, in this line of work, you will be required to help many types of animals. Large breeds of dogs are commonplace, and depending on your specific role, you may even be required to help treat farm or zoo animals from time to time. If you have any fear of large animals, you should be honest about this. Otherwise, you may find yourself in a position that is not only uncomfortable for you, but one that also compromises the health of the animals you are charged with treating.

Do You Have any Problems with Animal Excrement or Blood?

In any setting in which you work with animals, there will undoubtedly come a time when you will have to contend with animal excrement—urine and fecal matter. Most interviewers will ask whether or not this will be problematic; if so, veterinary assisting is not the best career choice for you. Similarly, aside from providing routine checkups and treating sick animals, there is a very strong possibility that you will also be faced with treating animals that have been seriously injured, either by other animals or traffic. This means that you will encounter blood from time to time, and this can be problematic for some people. Again, it is important to be honest in your answers here.

Which Degrees or Certifications Do You Have?

Your interviewer will likely ask you for any degrees or certification that you have earned that will be useful in your career. You should be sure to bring these documents with you and present them at the time that this question is asked, when necessary. If you have earned a Bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Medicine, then this is a great time to mention that. Similarly, if you have participated in any internships, you should use this time to cite any experience you gained. Ifyou are currently working toward a degree or plan to take a certification exam in the near future, this should also be mentioned.

Why Do You Want to Work as a Veterinary Assistant?

This can be a difficult question to answer. Most people would say “Because I love animals”, and while this is likely true, it is not specific. There are many professions in which you could work with animals every day that are not as demanding as veterinary assisting. Therefore, you should answer this question truthfully and as thoroughly as possible. An answer like, “I want to help animals by treating and preventing their illnesses and injuries” or perhaps even “I am working toward a career as a veterinarian in the future” would be more sufficient. These answers are honest and accurate and will help to ensure that you and your potential employer are a good match for one another.

When you are interviewing for a position as a veterinary assistant, you will be asked many questions. Keep in mind that you will need to present yourself as more knowledgeable and better able to handle the requirements of the job in order to beat your competitors and secure the position.