Credit analysts are typically highly analytical and detail-driven individuals. Because of this, many of the credit analyst interview questions and answers that are most common revolve around your methods for getting the job done and the way you handle clients and customers.

What Do You Know about This Company?
Your interviewer will first want to establish that you are familiar with the bank or firm. Without some background knowledge, your ability to effectively make credit-related decisions would be compromised. If you are lucky, you are working with a recruiter who can provide you with some of the company basics. If not, you will need to do your research before you show up to interview. As an example, you could answer with “I understand that XYZ Bank has been listed as a Fortune 500 company for the last five consecutive years. Although XYZ Bank traditionally provides home and auto loans, some customers are able to secure large personal loans, as well.”

Do You Have Technical Expertise? How about Programming Experience?
The more technical expertise and programming experience you have, the better off you will be. You should first prove to your interviewer that you have a strong understanding of PFE, CVaR and VAR analysis tools. These are the ones that are most commonly used, so a strong understanding of all of them is critical. Similarly, if you have programming experience, you are much more likely to be hired. Tell your interviewer if you are proficient with C++, MATLAB, SAS, SQL, VB/VBA and Moody’s KMV. The more of these you understand, the better off you will be and the more likely that your interviewer will be impressed with your abilities.

Are You Proficient in Financial Analysis?
In order to be a successful credit analyst, it is important that you are proficient in financial analysis, as well. Your interviewer may ask you if you understand things such as cash-flow and other financial statements, income growth, market shares and much more. You may also be asked if you can correctly calculate debt to income ratios in order to discover a client’s dispensable income. All of this information is necessary for developing a client’s credit portfolio. You can answer with “I am very familiar with using various tools and methods to perform financial analyses. I am capable of determining a client’s credit situation quickly and accurately.”

What Are the Most Important Characteristics of a Credit Analyst?
This question will allow your interviewer to discover the ways in which you will perform the tasks at hand. Although you can feel free to relay information about your best qualities, you should always include some information about your analytical skills in your answer. After all, it will be your duty to study your clients and customers as well as the market in order to determine whether the extension of credit is feasible. “I feel that analytical skills, the ability to communicate effectively and solid decision-making skills are all very important to be a successful credit analyst” is a great answer. Be sure to elaborate a little on each characteristic.
In order to land a job as a credit analyst with a great bank or firm, you should come to your interview prepared to prove why you are the best choice for the position. Your expertise and personal characteristics will all play an integral role in your career.