Many electrician interview questions and answers relate to the specifics of the job, the systems with which you are familiar with and even your knowledge of electrical safety. Being able to answer these questions quickly, confidently and accurately will help you stand out as the most qualified candidate.

Why Should We Hire You?
When you are asked a question similar to this, it may be tempting to provide an answer such as “because I feel I would be an asset to your company” or “because I need the money.” Although these things may be true, your potential employer is more interested in learning about your experience, education and drive. A sample answer that would be suitable is “I have been training to be an electrician since high school. During my college years, I participated in a year-long internship with a XYZ Construction Company. All of my education, training and experience has allowed me to become a knowledgeable electrician, and I feel that your company would make great use of my expertise.”

Do You Enjoy Working With Others?
You are likely already aware that some of your projects will require you to work alongside other crews and time your efforts so that the project can be completed on time. For instance, you may need to wire a new construction after the frame is up but before the drywall is in place. Conversely, there may be times when you are dispatched to work on a task alone, such as when a consumer needs a breaker box replaced. You should be sure to provide an answer that indicates your ability to perform well with others as well as alone. Although you may have a very distinct preference, your flexibility will make you a much greater asset to your potential employer.

What is the Most Difficult Project You Have Worked On?
Although it may be tempting to ‘gripe’ about a large project in which you have participated, this should be avoided at all costs. Most often, your interviewer’s reason for asking such a question involves determining your level of pride in your accomplishments; this shows that you are dedicated to performing your job correctly, regardless of its size. A good example is “I once worked with a small team of electricians to wire a fire alarm in a huge high school. The project took several days to complete but when it worked the first time we tested it, we all felt a huge sense of pride. We know the kids at XYZ High School will be properly warned in the event of a fire.”

How Well Do You Pay Attention to Details?
Electricity can be dangerous, and even a small error can cause fires that result in loss of property or life. Your potential employer will want to make sure that you are detail oriented before hiring you, so this question is quite common. You will need to provide a detailed answer rather than simply saying “I am always sure to pay attention to details.” A good example answer is “I focus on my work very carefully at all times, and I double check each small thing I do to ensure that it is correct. If I am ever unsure about a particular job, I am not afraid to ask questions or use the resources available to me to learn more.”
A career as an electrician is a solid one, but you must first prove to your potential employer that you have what it takes to outperform your competitors. Focus on your skills, accomplishments and experience during your interview to make the best impression possible.