Kindergarten teachers are often the first adults with whom small children will interact regularly outside of their parents. The following kindergarten teacher interview questions and answers will help your potential employer discover whether or not your qualifications and demeanor will be an asset to the school system.

How is Teaching Related to Learning?
This question will help your interviewer understand your instructional strategies, and the simplest way to answer is to simply provide your knowledge of the various styles of teaching—visual, auditory and hands-on. You should also explain why such a variety of teaching styles is necessary. “Small children are only beginning to develop their own learning styles. I understand that I must incorporate various styles of teaching in order to ensure that the students are learning. I will need to assess which students respond best to each style and then work to accommodate their needs accordingly” is a great answer.

How Would You Handle a Student who has Trouble Staying on Task?
Kindergarten is often the first time in a child’s life when they are expected to follow a structured schedule day after day. As such, there will likely be one or more students in each classroom who are unable to stay on task as they should. You will need to explain to your interviewer how you will help these students—not how you will discipline them. “First, I would try to discover the reasons why the student is not staying on task. Then, I would try to work individually with that child in order to determine his or her learning style. Finally, if necessary, I would discuss the child’s progress with his or her caregivers and offer solutions that can be integrated at home as well as in the classroom” is a good answer.

How Would You Integrate an Exceptional Student into Your Classroom?
Exceptional students—those with learning disabilities or those who are gifted—often present a challenge to kindergarten teachers. You should provide an answer that includes the ways in which you would determine the child’s exceptionality and learning style. You should also explain any modifications that you may need to make to your teaching plan in order to benefit the student, as well as accommodations within your classroom that may be necessary for the child’s safety or well-being, depending on the situation.

How Do You Develop Lessons Overall?
Lesson development is crucial as a kindergarten teacher because the children will come to rely on structure. You should discuss lesson introduction as well as short term and long term plans as they apply to a specific example. For instance, “If I were introducing the letter A, I would first show the children what the letter look like and how it is written. In the short term plan, I would provide plenty of examples of words that start with A. Then, as part of my long term plan, I would continue to review the letter A, even as new letters are introduced” is a great answer that covers exactly what your interviewer will want to hear.

Kindergarten teachers certainly have a lot on their plates, but by being diligent in their lesson plans and understanding that not all children learn the same, they are more likely to be effective in their careers.