Nurse practitioners work very closely with patients both with and without direct supervision, and the level of care you can provide will reflect directly on the facility. The following nurse practitioner interview questions and answers are designed to help you prove your worth and stand out from the other applicants who may be competing for the position.

Why Should the Practice Hire You?

This question is the perfect opportunity for you to provide your interviewer with some of your best traits and qualities. Although it may be tempting to settle for a response like “Because I am the best candidate for the job”, you should embellish upon this and tell your interviewer why you are the best. “All of my work experience and training has led me to this career choice and this facility. I take it upon myself to research the issues that are prevalent within the industry as well as the proposed solutions. What is good enough for most people is often not good enough for me; excellence means always giving 110% in everything I do” is a much better and much more thorough answer.

Explain a Failure in Your Career that Helped You Learn

It is very important that you do not expose a huge failure in your career that still has an impact upon you. Rather, you should provide an example of a smaller failure that has allowed you to become a better nurse practitioner. “When I was in college, I missed an opportunity to take an internship at a prestigious medical center because that particular internship interfered with my personal life. Eventually, I did complete an internship at a recognized facility, but I learned that I must make sacrifices from time to time in order to get the best education and provide my patients with the best care possible” is an example of an answer followed up with a learning experience.

Provide an Example of a Disagreement between You and a Doctor or Nurse

From time to time, you will have disagreements with physicians and nurses. It is your duty to overcome these disagreements and come to a resolution from which the patient will benefit. “During my internship, I was convinced that a woman who came to the clinic with a persistent rash had an infection, but the doctor thought it was poison ivy. To resolve the issue, the doctor proposed that we treat for poison ivy for 48 hours. If the symptoms did not improve, the patient was to return. I followed the doctor’s orders, and the patient did return after 48 hours with worsening symptoms. After being prescribed antibiotics, she improved” shows you are willing to compromise when the situation allows.

It is very important for you to take the time to review some information and statistics about the facility for which you will be interviewing beforehand. In this manner, you will prove that you have the initiative and drive to do only your best for the hiring facility—and this shows that you are undoubtedly the best candidate for the job.