Whether you are applying for a freelance job photographing a wedding or a position with the local newspaper, the following photographer interview questions and answers are those that are most likely to make an appearance. You should come to your interview prepared to answer these questions confidently and carefully.

When and Why Did You become Interested in Photography?

This question is asked to provide some insight to your interviewer and help them better understand the things that drive you to succeed. You should answer as honestly as possible. If you saw a photograph in a museum that intrigued you only a few years ago, this is a great answer. However, if you have truly enjoyed taking pictures since childhood, then this is the best answer. “When I was a teen, one of my very good friends had a knack for photography. He took some of the most stunning photos I’d ever seen, and I wanted to give it a shot. As it turns out, we both have that knack. We’ve been friends and confidants ever since” is a perfect example answer.

What Sort of Equipment Do You Use?

While some photographers prefer digital media, others still have their own darkrooms and develop photos in the traditional way. You should disclose your favorite equipment here, but you should follow up your answer with any other equipment you can use comfortably. “Although I prefer my Canon for digital photography, I am also comfortable with using my Kodak camera and developing film in a darkroom. I have found that this versatility makes me a better asset to clients and businesses alike” is a great way to answer.

Do You Work Well with Assistants or Second Shooters?

You should get the point across that you can work well on your own or with others and that you are more than happy to call in backup if the situation calls for it—especially if you are negotiating a freelance contract. You should be specific in your answers, however. “While I usually work on my own so that all of the photographs follow a theme, I do have a few assistants and second shooters on call whose work I really enjoy. However, I am partial to second shooters who also use Canon cameras and lenses. If I am having trouble creatively, I often make use of online photography forums” is a fantastic way to approach this question.

Do You Have Formal Training?

Believe it or not, there are many freelance and news photographers who enjoy fruitful careers without any formal training at all. In most cases, it is best to take at least a few courses in photography in order to prove your worth to your potential employer or client. ‘Although I learned and developed most of the techniques I use on my own over time, I have taken courses in lighting and background to supplement my self-teaching” is a good answer. “I studied wedding photography exclusively for a semester while I was earning my Bachelor of Arts in Photography degree” is also acceptable.

Photographers can have many different styles and approaches, so it is best to bring a diverse portfolio that showcases your best work to your interview. This way, you will be more desirable—and your potential employer may find something that further sparks their interest in your work.