A mini resume is a relatively new type of resume being used in networking arenas. It functions as a document that is somewhere between the business card and the resume, and works to offer a possible employer or business colleague the most crucial highlights of your career experience and value. So, instead of being out at a party or another networking event, and handing an acquaintance a lengthy resume or conversely, a detail-lacking business card-you would hand over a polished mini resume which would not only, offer your full name and contact information; but also, your career highlights for quick reference. Here is an example of a mini resume.

Tabitha Stevens
6778 Run Hill Road
Sandown, CT 09756

Financial Representative

•Ten years in investment banking to include the most popular of trading platforms
•Well connected through an established colleague network of investment companies and planners
•Successful track record of providing higher holding investors return of at least 100% per stock