Following a cancellation letter format is critical when you are putting a cancellation letter together because including some incorrect information could be the difference between cancelling or not. You can follow our cancellation letter format here to make sure that you get this important document exactly how you need it.

Contact Information
Name of Cancellation department or company contact
Name of service provider
Company mailing address
Zip Code
Dear Sir/Madam
Re: This is where you put the subject matter of the letter. You should also put here your subscription number or membership number so that it is easy for the reader to find your contract or personal details.

Paragraph 1: Here you need to introduce the letter and explain that you are giving written notice to request cancellation of whatever it is that you are cancelling. You should also write in this section that you wish to have confirmation of your cancellation in writing.

Paragraph 2: In this paragraph you should set out your reasons not only for cancellation, but why you feel that cancellation should be allowed. Here you should also indicate that you have finished making payments to them and you do not expect to be charged the subscription fee from next month on.

Paragraph 3: Thank them for their immediate attention in the matter and sign off.
Print name