This is a letter that you might write to someone who you work with on a fairly regular basis, or you might only have been in correspondence with them for a short time, but you feel ready to relax the situation to a certain degree. It is always helpful to use a casual business letter format to help you to write your letter, even though the rules are fairly loose. If you would like to put one of these letters together then you can use our casual business letter format that we have reproduced for you below.

Contact Details

Name of recipient
Zip Code
Dear (use first name)

Paragraph 1:

This should be a short pleasantry which under normal circumstances should not be related to business, such as enquiring if the recipient had a pleasant weekend.

Paragraph 2:

Here, as usual for a business letter, you will use one or two paragraphs to convey the message of your letter. Be sure to be concise and to the point.

Paragraph 3/4:

Conclusion. This should go over the points you have made in the prior paragraph(s) and thank the reader for his/her time, but you can also mention that you are looking forward to seeing them, or insert another similar nicety to give the letter a more friendly feel.