If you’re not familiar with writing CVs, then it’s recommended that you use a curriculum vitae template to make it easier to get started. It’s always best if you print out your CV from the computer using a quality printer that doesn’t leave smudges or skipped places. This makes them much neater and easier to organize and read.

If you’re like many applicants and you’re familiar with working online, you may be familiar with and have Microsoft Word installed on your computer. If you don’t have access to Microsoft Word then you’ll need to use Microsoft Works to create your CV.

Microsoft Works is a free program that comes on most new computers. This productivity suit features a word processor using a WPS format and it contains resume templates that can be used to create your CV. Since Microsoft Word and Works are not compatible, you must use one of the templates designed to be used with the program.

Finding the curriculum vitae template is not hard. All you need to do is open up the program, go to “File” and click “New”. This will open up a new document in which you can select a template by scrolling down to “Resume” and choosing one of the CV templates that are available. Simply click on the “use this template” tap to select the curriculum vitae template that you want to use.

After selecting your template, fill in your personal information, save and print out. Using a Microsoft Works curriculum vitae template is an excellent way to create a professional CV made unique with your own skills, education and work history.