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Employment History when Don’t Know Exact Dates of Employment

A resume is basically a retrospective look at your professional career history-along with formal education and skills and qualifications gained from various stages of this progression to where you are now. It offers a dissection of your value to a potential employer, but showing an overview as well as detailed information on what you can […]

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How To Add Internship To Resume?

How do you add an internship or volunteering work to a professional resume? Though you may well be aware of how to add the basic sections: education, employment history, and achievements to your resume; you may not be entirely clear on how to add and where to put internship experience. Here’s what you need to […]

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How To Add Military Experience To A Resume?

If you have served time in the military, how do you add this experience to your resume so that you are able to get a position as a civilian? This can often be a difficult consideration for those who have either spent minimal time in the military, or many years in the military, serving the […]

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How To Add Self Employment To Resume?

How does one add self employment to a resume, so that it looks like a professional employment experience? There are a number of ways that people work for themselves in what would otherwise, be termed, self employment. This said, it is most often not the most effective way, so that employers know that the work […]

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How To Address Resume Envelope?

If you are addressing your first resume envelope, you need how to do it properly; so as to ensure it looks professional and also gets to the right person for further review. Here’s how to address your resume envelope for career success:The best place to start when addressing your resume envelope is with the correct […]

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How To Attach References To A Resume?

How do you attach references to a professional resume? There are many times in your life when you might be asked to attach professional references to your resume-either at the beginning or during the application process. In either event, you need to know how to do it successfully, as it could mean the difference between […]

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How To Beef Up A Resume?

There are a number of reasons that applicants get passed by for positions that they apply for: perhaps they aren’t qualified, someone is more qualified, or an incomplete or ineffective resume. Actually, one of the most common reasons that an applicant gets passed over for a follow up interview is not because they didn’t offer […]

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How To Close A Resume?

If you are working on your first resume, or perhaps, it’s your tenth resume; you may well wonder how to best close a resume-and if a close is even necessary. Here’s what you need to know.How do you close a resume? There has long been a dispute about whether one should use a “References upon […]

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How To Conclude A Resume?

How do you conclude a resume? There is so much talk about properly outlining your professional documents, you want to make sure that you structure your resume-of all things-with the right sequence and format. This said, is there a right way and a wrong way to conclude your resume? The answer? Not really. You have […]

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How to Upload a Resume to Indeed?

Uploading a resume online can be a great way for job applicants to increase their exposure, and thus increase their chances of landing a desirable job. For those new to the process, however, uploading a resume to a career search website can be somewhat confusing. What follows are some guidelines for uploading a resume to […]

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Updating a Resume after Your First Job

When you apply for your first job right out of school, your resume will inevitably be thin, as you’ve likely had very little job experience to that point. Once you’ve landed your first job and are looking to find a second, however, it will be necessary to update your resume to reflect the new skill […]