There are a number of reasons that applicants get passed by for positions that they apply for: perhaps they aren’t qualified, someone is more qualified, or an incomplete or ineffective resume. Actually, one of the most common reasons that an applicant gets passed over for a follow up interview is not because they didn’t offer the right qualifications or skills; but because their resume is not effective enough to get attention and make them look like an exceptional candidate for the position. Here are some great tips on making your resume more effective. Here’s how to beef up your resume.

1.Research Industry

The first place to start in beefing up your resume is to thoroughly research what your industry is looking for in the way of career qualifications, education, and skills. Look into the specifics of job postings in your field that are on target with what your career is. You see in job postings what employers require in the way of education, skills, achievements, years of work experience, and the like-and know what you need to improve in your own career qualifications.

2.Expand on Skills

Everyone has skills, but are you reporting the right skills on your resume? Probably not. Or maybe not all of the skills an employer wants. This said, you need to consider all the skills that an employer may be looking for in a candidate for their position, both in a general and specific manner. So, consider first that every employer wants some with great organizational, leadership, team playing, and communications skills. Next, include all of these and other skill sets that an employer may be looking for. Once you have these sub sections in place under your skills, start including examples in which you showcased these skills through responsibilities, achievements, etc. Only with proof, will an employer really be able to see that you have these important skill sets, as well as can offer them in important situations in their company.

3.Boost Achievements

Make sure when trying to dress up an ineffective resume, that you spend some time on your achievements. Perhaps, like many, you do not even have an achievements and skills section. If so, start considering all the possible situations in your professional life that could be measured as achievements. This means collaborating on a project that won a company a client, saving money for the company, or bringing in new business with a new initiative. Brainstorm all the little things that you have done both singlehandedly and as a part of a team, and include these in an achievements section.

4.Include Testimonials

Another great way to make your resume sing is to include a few testimonials from supervisors and/or colleagues from previous jobs under your achievements or employment history section. Get a couple of glowing quotes from a reference, and include it is one of these sections; so that you not only have your word on your capabilities and qualifications; but you also, have someone else’s.


Lastly, remember the importance of not just sending out the same resume to every position that you are interested in. An employer will see this, and consider you someone who isn’t interested in their position-you are just interested in any position. Moreover, you look unmotivated, which is the last attribute that an employer wants in a potential employee. This said, review the job posting for what they require in a candidate and include this in your resume, with detail.