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Male reading a letter in his house in front of a window

Casual Letter Format

A casual letter is one that you might write to a friend or family member, but it is still nice to get the format right. You should use a casual letter format to help you to formulate your letter, no matter who you are writing to. If you are in such a position, then you […]

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Dear Reader Letter Format

If you are in the process of writing a Dear Reader letter, then the likelihood is that you are in actual fact addressing several people. You might be introducing people to a body of your work or something like that. There is not too much of a strict format to writing this sort of letter, […]

Contract declaration form

Declaration Letter Format

Writing a declaration letter takes patience and an understanding of how these things are put together. You should follow a declaration letter format to make sure that you get this important document absolutely right. Here we have put together a declaration letter format that you can follow as you put together your declaration which will […]

Portrait of a businesswoman working at office reading a letter in a desktop

Direct Letter Format

A direct letter to someone who is perhaps in your office still ought to follow the simple rules of letter writing. In order to do this you should follow a direct letter format so that you stick to the formula normally prescribed. Below we have produced a direct letter format in order for you to […]