Buyers work closely with people from all walks of life since their job is to buy products on behalf of a company. This position is available in many industries, but is mostly offered in retail or fashion industries and any other companies that sell products. When drafting your resume, make sure your buyer job objective is as impressive as your experience and background as a purchasing agent, buyer or purchasing manager because your role is vital to a company’s overall branding.

1.This experienced Certified Purchasing Professional, who has over 4 years of purchasing-related experience in the IT industry with top-notch negotiation and communication skills, is looking for a full-time buyer position with any Silicon Valley-based IT company.

2.As a trained fashion buyer with experience in negotiating, purchasing and reviewing quality of materials, my goal is to find a retail brand or fashion house that can utilize my taste for fashion, excellent communication skills and strong analytical skills.

3.With buyer training in the restaurant industry for over 3 years, my extensive research skills, effective negotiation skills and knowledge of QA processes have made me an expert in food-related purchasing. My objective is to win a senior buyer position in a food-oriented company that rewards dedication to quality with an attractive salary package.

4.Seeking a full-time position as a wholesale and retail buyer with a company that can benefit from my business management degree, purchasing experience and leadership skills.

5.As a business grad with Supply Chain Professional certification, my objective is to obtain a managerial buyer position with a logistics company in need of someone with supply chain knowledge and experience with business operations.

6.To obtain an internship as a purchasing assistant at Quicksilver and master the ins and outs of merchandise purchasing and promotions.

7.Highly successful senior buyer with over 4 years of purchasing experience and a proven record of coordinating supply, implementing successful purchasing strategies that led to profitability of ACMD Manufacturing.

8.Seeking a forward-thinking company in need of a certified buyer that can contribute to the company’s brand, overall sales and logistics.