General labor is a term used to group workers in a construction site that is responsible for all kinds of tasks such as cleaning, moving materials, using various equipment and tools, helping specialized contractors like masons, plumbers, or carpenters, and many more. There is no minimum educational requirement for general labor jobs, but specialized training can help with advancement. When writing your general labor resume objective, indicate specializations like welding, carpentry, electrical, automotive, etc.

1.With over 2 years of experience cleaning ventilation, chimneys and commercial air-conditioners, my goal is to find a part-time general labor job with a company in need of multi-tasking experienced workers.

2.As a recent high school graduate with experience working at the local sawmill, this self-motivated applicant is aiming to land a general labor job at any lumber companies in or near Washington, Oregon or Idaho.

3.Having been a general labor worker in the manufacturing industry for over four years, I am confident in handling power tools and performing general carpentry tasks. My goal now is to find a full-time job at any construction company or manufacturing factory that could utilize my skills in hard labor.

4.This hardworking factory worker with 4+ years of experience in the food industry is looking for a full-time general labor position that deals with packaging or shipment. Fluent in written and spoken Spanish.

5.To continue working at a construction site somewhere in the Midwest and utilize general labor skills in operating hand/power tools, measuring equipment, assisting carpenters, and performing various tasks involved with excavation, construction, or repair.

6.Seeking a full-time position as a general laborer. Experienced with the assembly of electrical systems, reading blueprints and handling large equipment used in power and energy sources. Willing to relocate anywhere in Florida.

7.Worked as a general labor crew at Iowa’s Aerotek for two years, this multi-tasking, self-starter is in need of a full-time job as an equipment assembler at a manufacturing company.

8.This Caterpillar-certified level 1 equipment operator with over 5 years of general labor experience is looking for a company in need of a qualified employee to join their team of workers.