How does one add certifications to a resume?

Chances are, if you are working on your resume, you want to present as much applicable information as possible-to up the chances of your resume getting the positive information that it deserves, and you getting at least an interview for the position that you are interested in. One of these-depending on your position and industry-might well be that you have certifications that you would like to add, but you don’t know where to add it. Does it go under your education, or under your achievements? Moreover, how do you present the information of your certifications? Here’s what you need to know about adding certifications to your professional resume for success.

First off, before determining in what area of your resume you should add certifications to; you need to consider if it is a certification that is required of your position and/or industry or if it is something extra that you bring to your candidacy as a professional in whatever trade or industry you work in.

If you need a certain certification or certifications to get a position in the field that you work in; then you should mostly likely include the details of this certification and others to an added section entitled Professional Certifications. Make sure to list the details of what the certification is, where you received it, what the duration of that time was, coursework or classes included, and any other achievements that are related in the same manner that you listed education in your resume’s education section; just make sure To include it under your certifications section. Moreover, if you have other certifications to offer that are required of your field and/or position list them under certifications as well, making sure to list the most recent certification, first.

If, on the other hand, you took a course or became certified in something that is not required of your field; but either might be directly related to your capability in that position and/or field or indirectly shows transferable skills, achievements, and attributes that a potential employer might find attractive; include your certifications in a section entitled Achievements and Skills (or Certifications). This makes the fact that you have been certified in something apparent, but not a focus of your resume; as it is always necessary to consider the content of your resume as focusing on what an employer might be prioritizing in your career qualifications in relation to the position that they want to fill. This section should come probably at the bottom of your resume, after Education or Employment History, depending on which you have placed first; and should offer the same details as discussed in the placement of this information, if the certification was required for the position/industry.