Should I write my Cover Letter by hand?

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There are so many rules to the world of career applications and protocol. For many, it can be a swirling mass of confusion and intimidation. How long should the cover letter be? Should it be in email or paper form? What are its contents? And on and on and on. There are endless questions. While every employer is different, the same basic rules apply to every cover letter application. For example, some people wonder if they should type or handwrite a cover letter to make it seem more personal and customized? In the case of mailed applications, which is the better protocol?
Though it might make sense that an employer wants to see that an applicant is invested and enthusiastic about a particular job and/or company; they also want an address that is legible and also professional. So, in the event of whether you should type the cover letter or handwrite, the answer will always be to type it.

Though you may have the best handwriting in the world, employers do not want to strain in any way to learn the information about you that a cover letter offers. In short, employers typically have a lot of applications to review, and they do not want to have to work for any of it. They do not have the extra time or patience. This said, your cover letter should be in a clear typed address that is universal.

It is also less than professional to address any business letter in a handwritten manner. It shows laziness and most importantly, an inattention to professionalism. This is one of the last attributes that you want a potential employer to affix to your identity as an applicant-even if they can read the contents of the cover letter.

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