Staying Healthy While Unemployed

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Alright, so if you are like much of the country-you may very well be unemployed. With unemployment, many of the perks of living a quality life perhaps, had to go out the window-as the curtailing of budget had it. So, no more gym membership, health insurance, or yoga classes. Is there any way that you can keep healthy while unemployed? One of the first things to go when a family is downsizing because one of their members became unemployed, is their healthy living means. In times of uncertainty and stress, these are the last aspects that should be cut! Here are some helpful tips on how to stay healthy on a very strict budget.


One of the first terms that you should know as an unemployed party is COBRA-which is your right to be able to keep your insurance for at least 6 months after becoming unemployed. If you can keep health insurance, do so and for as long as possible. Health insurance helps so much in preventative care; that it is so valuable to have. Beyond that period of time, you may not even need it as you may have benefits through a new company.

Train around the House

You don’t need a pricey gym membership to stay in shape and keep your cardiovascular health. All you need is somewhere to run, bend, lift weights, climb stairs, and perhaps swim. Anything you can do around the house or neighborhood to get your blood pumping will keep you in shape – 3-4 times a week.


Need to trim down the budget on pricey groceries? The best place to start cutting is on the processed foods and the additives. A healthy diet typically should consist of dairy, bread, fruits, protein, and veggies. Anything beyond this is extraneous to your health-if not damaging. This extends to caffeine, sugars, and all those extras.


It is a huge part of your health to be able to limit stress and cut back on anxiety through talking it all with a friend or family member. Many people overlook this need, and perhaps, feel shameful for having lost their job-but anyone could lose their job in this economy-and these are your friends and family. Get it all out, and you will feel better-do it on a regular basis.

Keep Motivated

Make sure as a part of your mental health that you are taking action to keep motivated to find work or restructure your career. The more planning and action that you take towards your goals, the better you will feel overall.


Though you might be prone to too much sleep due to depression or too little due to anxiety; try to make sure you keep the schedule of 7-8 hours per night. You need this time to refuel and recharge and get ready for the next day-so do not overdo or underdo it; as it will affect your overall health.

Take Multivitamins

If you are used to taking a bunch of supplements for overall continued health, but just can’t afford all of them anymore; just use a multivitamin. A multivitamin rounds out your diet and offers you what you might be missing.

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