Things To Do While Unemployed

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An unexpected job loss can leave anyone feeling deflated and listless, especially when their job search has proven futile thus far. This said, one of the most significant things an unemployed person must do is to keep his spirits up and productivity moving-to both prepare for the next chapter of their career as well as to keep their brains sharp. If you are unemployed, and are wondering what else you could be doing with your time that is productive-other than job searching-below is a list of great options, that offer a range of respective benefits while you are waiting for your next big career move.

Start Your Own Company
Ok. Ok…so it may seem like a bit much, but really it doesn’t have to be. Most all jobs that you may have had previous to being laid off could be contracted out to other companies; and why not? Now’s as good a time as any. If you can, get in touch with some of the clients you’ve done business with through the company, get the word out and find means of free advertising, and start making money on a contract basis. There are a number of ways to go about this in a low-cost manner-if you choose the right low-overhead company to begin.

Author a Blog
A blog is free to begin, and there are so many options for one. You could use it to network with people in your industry or those with a common interest. You could monetize your blog and start making money from affiliate advertisers. There are thousands of people looking for good sites to advertise on, and just by placing their ad on your site; you could be collecting monthly or a percentage of their sales. Moreover, a blog is a great creative outlet for those interested in a particular field or topic.

Get Fit

Though you have always had a viable excuse of not having enough time to get fit; alas, now, you have none; but that’s ok-because once you start exercising, you really will start seeing the benefits. It clears your head and prepares you with a more positive perspective, and also makes you feel more healthy and better all around with a better self image.

Get Trained
It is necessary-even when unemployed-to make sure that you are constantly keeping in touch with your industry skills and training-to stay competitive with the market. This said, look into some community level classes or online training to take part time. You don’t have to invest money in this kind of learning either. You could get some solid training in the role of intern for a company or a volunteer for a cause.

Another great idea is to intern for a company not hiring, but one that needs help. Though you need money, consider this an investment in your future. Not only does this serve your needs of staying trained-and therefore, in demand-but also, it makes you that more applicable for a position with that company once they have an open position or profits return.

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