What Goes into an Ideal Resume for a Police Officer Candidate?

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Police officers need to be physically fit, dedicated to the protection of their community, and highly motivated. When applying for a job, the ideal candidate for this position needs to demonstrate these qualities quickly and without any confusion. An ideal police officer resume will reinforce the concept of your physical and mental fitness and provide your potential employer with a look at your dedication, knowledge of the law, and attention to small details.
There are no college requirements to becoming a police officer, but there are certain other criteria that you need to meet before applying for positions in this field. A police officer needs to be a United States citizen, have a high school diploma or GED equivalent, be 21 years old or older, and possess a valid driver’s license. A background check will be performed prior to your hiring, and it will need to come back clean. Finally, you will likely need to go through a police academy training course before you are permitted in the field.
In general, new police officers come from a demographic in their 20s, but people with more experience also tend to round out the applicant pool due to transfers or moves that take them out of their previous department. In the same police officer resume presented below, the candidate has some experience as a police officer but has recently moved out of state and needs to find a new position. Note that areas highlighted include personal integrity, physical fitness, and overall experience.

Felix Davenport

E-Mail: [email]

18 Ludendorf Drive
Albuquerque, NM 87101

Professional Summary

Highly motivated, physically fit, and well-trained police officer seeking a position in the Albuquerque district which will provide an opportunity to protect the community, uphold the law, and form a better department as a whole.
Areas of Expertise

•Sensitive and inclusive treatment of members of the general public
•Integrity and accountability
•Dedication to the job and willingness to put everything on the line in the pursuit of a safer community
•Physical fitness
•Maintenance of a professional level of conduct

Professional Experience

Police Officer, Greenwood City Police District8/2010 – Current
Provide patrols and law enforcement assistance to those in need. Key responsibilities include:

•Remain physically fit and able to run, lift heavy objects, and perform other strenuous activity.
•Patrol high-crime areas during day and night, taking note of any suspicious activity.
•Respond to calls and dispatches to areas within patrol area.
•Coordinate with other officers to make sure they are fully informed of all important details.
•Provide community support and education.

Security Officer, University of Montana5/2007 – 8/2008
Served as security personnel and assistant officer to a college campus. Key responsibilities included:

•Handled night shift and early morning patrols.
•Wrote up incident reports.
•Checked in one dorm rooms where suspicious activity or rules violations were reported.
•Provided on-site assistance to those in need of aid.
•Ensured that buildings and key recreational areas remained safe and secure.

Education and Certifications

•High School Diploma, Butte Regional High School, 2006

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