What Should I Include in the Contact Information Section?

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Resumes today are structured in a variety of different formats, including various bits of information and details of an applicants’ career history and skill sets; and are constantly evolving as to how they are created, sent, and reviewed by all parties included. This said, there is one aspect of the resume, that no matter who you are, what your field is, and how much experience you have; hardly changes at all. That is: your personal contact information.
When we say personal contact information, what exactly are we referring to? Basically, the header that lists your name and various means of contact in the upper right hand or middle section of your resume document. This section lists the most convenient means to get in touch with the applicant should the hiring party have more questions, or want to schedule an interview to learn more about the candidate applying-and possibly hire them. With this function in mind-though this section seems insignificant when compared to the meatier sections-it is understandable, then; why it is so significant that you know exactly how to approach the contact information section, and what to include in it.
Ok…so, what do you need to ensure that you include in this personal contact information. The first should always be your full name. Next, should be an address. Now, there is often a misconception about what kind of address should be offered in a resume, as one wants to be easily contacted without divulging too much contact information. The basic rule is this: if you are sending a resume to an employer directly, include the address you check most often-probably your home address. If, conversely, you are posting a resume online at a career site for any and all employers to view, I would be more discreet-and use a p.o. box instead. In either case, the most important part is that you can be contacted as soon as possible, if this employer is interested in interviewing you. Beyond a mail address, you’ll want to include at least one email address-using the most professional of accounts; so not the one you use for spam mail. Why more than one email address? Simply, because you may use more than one, and often. After this, include a daytime and perhaps, a night time phone number-this should be a home phone and/or a cell phone. If you have your own office, you can also include this.
You may wonder why would a person include so many different means of contact for an employer. The main reason for this-and it makes sense-is that you want to make contact with you as convenient for a prospective employer as possible. So, perhaps they try one means of contact, and can’t get you-so they move on to another candidate. Or, they prefer emailing candidates for interviews; but you only included a phone number or mail address for contact. In either of these scenarios, the prospective employer probably does not have the time to track you down; and will end the possibility of interviewing you, right there. Why take the chance?

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