What Should I Mention on a Resume?

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In today’s job market, it may seem increasingly difficult to create a resume that is not only effective; but also, is written in a format that is professional and up to date. There are so many different rules for creating a professional resume-between styles, formats, and types-that the whole process can seem complicated and overwhelming. One of the most common questions that many people have today is in regards to the personal information or contact info that you offer on the heading of your resume. Most people wonder if they should have an address listed that is their home address or a more elusive mailing address-such as a business address or p.o. box. So, which the correct choice for someone wanting to make the best impression?
Though, in the past, when this question was posed; most experts in the human resources field and career industry, would answer that a business address is preferred; many experts today, say that an applicant should list their most accessible address, which is most often-their home address. What could be wrong with using a home mailing address for your point of contact on your resume? Well, nothing really; except for confidentiality and safety. While most employers understand that the information that you send to them within your resume and cover letter is privileged to them only; this is not to say that this information isn’t still able to be leaked and/or used. It used to be that people used p.o. boxes to avoid any possibility of this impropriety; but now, using a p.o. box for this purpose is really only a manifestation of paranoia. This is not to say again, that if it feels right to you-that you should use a more removed business address for resumes.
Which brings us to the other side of the coin: the preference for using the home address for the reference on a person’s resume. Most all people that you find apply for jobs today, use their home mailing address-why? The answer is more often than not, for convenience. The most accessible address for applicants to receive important mail documents from is their home mailing address; and so, many choose it for this reason-assuming that this trust between them and the employer is never broken.
A common misconception that many people who use business addresses or p.o. boxes for their resume address add to their list of reasons to do so, is that it looks more professional. While this may be true if the applicant is a contract individual or someone who owns their own business, and is seeking clients to this end; it is certainly not seen as more professional looking for a standard company hiring. To the contrary, the potential employer may wonder why a home address is not listed in a prospective employee’s resume-and what the person may be trying to hide-such as residency or identity, etc.
So, to conclude, most applicants that employers deal with today, offer their most accessible address their home mailing address on their resume; so this is the preferred means of mail communications. This said, some employers do not even use this means of contact-preferring instead an emailer, direct email, or phone call for resume follow up. The overall point is, do what makes you feel comfortable when dealing with your resume and personal information; but ensure to make it easy to contact you in another way, if your home address is off the table.

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