What Skills Does an Aspiring Assistant Manager Need to Master?

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Assistant managers need to be able to step in and perform almost all of the skills of their immediate superiors at the drop of a hat. Typical assistant manager skills focus on areas such as budgetary management, the organization of short- and long-term schedules, human resources, and communications. This is a complex position that has many diverse requirements depending on the specific field of workin which you are involved, so having some expertise in the industry tends to help as well.
The exact education requirements for this position vary based on the industry you find yourself in. For example, an assistant manager at a retail outlet might only need a high school diploma, while somebody in the same position with a medical services provider might need a bachelor’s degree or higher. Regardless of the exact level of education needed, there are certain common assistant manager skills that are universal to this position. These skills are listed below.

Assistant Manager Skills:

•Leadership and supervision abilities.
•Ability to handle general complaints and criticisms while incorporating them into future efforts as appropriate.
•Scheduling skills and ability to handle last-minute changes.
•Knowledge of inventory and ability to make sure all stock remains properly organized and stored securely.
•Professional appearance and ability to represent the organization well.
•Organizational skills.
•Ability to multitask.
•Effective job interview skills and recruiting abilities.
•Ability to train new employees in a variety of different positions.
•General friendliness and outgoing demeanor.
•Ability to remain standing for long hours.
•Flexibility to work long shifts, weekends, and other unusual hours.
•Good evaluation abilities and willingness to perform regular employee evaluations.
•Knowledge of competition and willingness to take the time to visit competitors’ sites.
•Understanding of the industry, including ability to identify emerging trends.
•Strong communication skills.
•Negotiation ability with regard to external vendors.
•Knowledge of company policies.
•Willingness to promote organizational mission to other employees.
•Knowledge of company products and how to demonstrate their use to customers.
•Ability to analyze sales information, identify problems to be overcome, and suggest new plans to management.
•Knowledge of general safety procedures, hazardous materials, and their general use.
•Willingness to improve professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops and review professional publications.
•Ability to work well as part of a team.
•Knowledge of how to do the many different jobs that other employees have in the store and ability to cover those tasks during potential absences.
•Ability to make quick decisions in busy situations.
•Capability of handling high-pressure situations and performing well in such situations.
•Knowledge of cash registers and other point of sale units.
•Meeting etiquette and ability to record minutes, provide handouts, and perform other responsibilities during managerial and organizational meetings.
•Ability to provide a confident and positive attitude at all times.
•Willingness to work occasional holidays and other times when management is likely to be out of the office.

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