Skills an Account Manager Needs to Succeed at the Job

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Key account manager skills include the ability to keep multiple schedules organized, handle different time requirements, and meet all financial management requirements of the position. What many people don’t know about this position is that there is also a large human element necessary. An account manager needs to be able to communicate effectively and put complex financial and administrative information together in a way that anybody can readily understand.
Account managers will need to have a bachelor’s degree in accounting, business administration, finance, or a related field in order to be qualified for this position. Some employers prefer candidates who have a master’s degree as well. If you want to improve your overall account manager skills without going all the way to a master’s degree, there are several certification and professional credentialing courses that you can take voluntarily which will impress employers and improve your account management capabilities.

Account Manager Skills:
•Ability to listen to others and incorporate feedback into future action plans.
•Superb time management abilities.
•Ability to multitask and prioritize assignments in a way that allows you to complete the most essential items first.
•Capability of maintaining a high level of quality despite heavy workloads and tight deadlines.
•Relationship building and ability to form a bond of personal trust with employees and other managers.
•Excellent customer service talents.
•Strong communication skills and ability to convey complex financial situations into simple terms that anybody can understand.
•Positive demeanor and ability to provide a sense of confidence to clients and peers.
•Adaptability and talent for adjusting business and financial plans to fit new challenges.
•Proactive attitude and desire to seek solutions for issues before they become major problems.
•Ability to provide intense, high-level customer service to individual clients and make them feel like their account is the most important one you are dealing with.
•Empathy with clients and broad understanding of the challenges and trials they may be facing.
•Excellent short- and long-term planning skills.
•Client development skills and ability to take a new customer through a process that will turn that individual into a long-term client.
•Ability to focus on complex business models while maintaining flexibility needed to come up with innovative solutions to major problems.
•Inquisitive nature and ability to ask questions to problems that seem difficult.
•Excellent written, oral, and phone communication skills.
•Passion about account management and the products or services your company promotes.
•Ability to convey a sense of passion to peers and clients.
•Knowledge of company products and services.
•Expertise within the specific industry you are a part of.
•Ability to provide formal training to others.
•Excellent project management skills and ability to fill in for project manager should that individual be absent for any length of time.
•Knowledge of common sales techniques.
•Willingness to stay aware of competitors and counter the techniques and practices of the competition when needed.

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