Biology Cover Letter

Dear Ms. Dolores Hart,

Qualified biologist seeking a position in the Biology industry, where I can put my years of training and education to good use.

The enclosed resume contains details of my qualifications but here is a brief description of what I have to offer. With a bachelor’s degree in Biology from Armstrong Atlantic State University and extensive knowledge of the technical equipment and specific techniques used in this profession, I have what it takes to be a great asset to any organization.

My strong communication skills allow me to convey information in a way that anyone who is not familiar with biology can easily understand. I have the skills to write detailed reports and to give presentations that are concise and interesting. I do plan to continue my education to include earning a teaching degree that will allow me to work in a classroom teaching others about Biology.

I believe in teamwork and combining skills with other professionals to accomplish goals and to complete projects but I have the ability to work independently with little supervision. Other skills relevant to a position in this industry include strong analytical, problem solving and decision making skills.

My personal abilities also include excellent organizational skills, which are needed to keep track of large amounts of data and the ability to review the data collected in order to draw a conclusion based on the research provided. My strong leadership skills and outgoing but friendly personality combined with my knowledge qualify me to work in a laboratory or varies other positions within this industry.

If you have job position that requires someone with my skills and training, please call (555)-555-5555 to arrange an interview.



Kristy Bates

Encl: Resume

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