Biochemistry Cover Letter

Dear Ms. Susie Rios,

I am searching for an entry-level position within the Biochemistry profession where my training and skills can be utilized to their fullest potential.

I acquired a bachelor’s degree in biology from Binghamton University, completed an internship to gain some field experience and took extra courses that focused on chemistry, math and English. I have acquired a thorough knowledge of the technology used in this field, excellent computer skills and the ability to conduct extensive research. My experience also includes working in a laboratory preparing for and conducting tests.

Some of my personal qualities include excellent problem solving and critical thinking skills along with the ability to look at things in a logical manner. My personal abilities also include paying close attention to detail, managing my time wisely and having excellent organizational skills. I am team oriented and get along well with co-workers but also have the ability to work efficiently with little supervision.

The enclosed resume contains a detailed look at my educational background, work experience and skills relevant to this position, along with references from professionals I worked with as an intern. I have the skills to become a valuable member of any team and hope to acquire a position where I can learn more about this industry while continuing my education. I understand the importance of learning and following the safety procedures associated with Biochemistry and I adhere to a strict code of ethics at all times.

Please call (555)-555-5555 if you have a position available for someone with my background.



Luis Miles

Encl: Resume

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