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When writing a Chef cover letter Examples remember to present your relevant work history and skills according to the job you are applying for. Whether you're seeking an entry-level position or have been in your career for a few years, exposing your relevant achievements in your cover letter can allow you to stand out and get that job interview.

This cover letter example is a great representation of what a hiring manager is looking for in a Chef cover letter Examples resume. Feel free to use this example for reference as you create your own cover letter or use this easy cover letter builder that will guide you through every step of your building your cover letter in just a few minutes.

Here are Chef Cover Letter Examples:

Dear Ms. Arnold:

I am applying for a position as a chef at your outstanding establishment. You are probably familiar with the financial mismanagement that recently put the ABC Eatery out of business. I was the head chef working the dinner hour 6 nights a week at ABC and now find myself unemployed. I would welcome the opportunity to visit your restaurant after hours to prepare for you a mouthwatering meal should you need another chef at Savory Sam’s.

I have 5 years’ experience as the head chef at ABC Eatery. Prior to that I was a sous chef at Belle’s Bistro for 2 years, a position I landed immediately after graduating from The Culinary Institute of America. I specialize in elite and authentic American cuisine and spend some of my off time experimenting with flavors to create new, exciting and scrumptious dishes.

Some of my specialties include a delectable marinade in which I cover filet mignon for 24 hours before grilling; a unique twist on macaroni and cheese using bow tie pasta and 6 gourmet cheeses baked to perfection; a zucchini, mushroom and shallot stir fry combination that I mix with selected herbs and serve atop a bed of spaghetti squash; a gourmet sandwich of thinly sliced fresh cucumber combined with cream cheese, chopped pecan and alfalfa sprouts served on 7-grain bread; and a delightful Spumoni dessert made of a double chocolate cake with pistachio pudding for filling topped with fudge icing and maraschino cherries. For me a meal is not something that is merely eaten, but something that must be experienced.

It is my hope that you will consider my attached rйsumй when you are in need of a new chef. I am happy to work any shift, and I am available for a personal interview at your convenience. Please feel free to contact me at (555)-555-5555 or via email at [email]

Warm Regards,

Example 2 -Unadvertised Opening

This chef cover letter example is from an experienced chef who needs to relocate with her husband to a different state and is sending out resumes to a variety of restaurants in her new home town and the surrounding areas. She is willing to work any shift to secure employment.

Dear Restaurant Owner:

My name is Diana Stanley and I am an experienced chef who is new to the area. I have recently relocated to Chattanooga, Tennessee with my husband who took a new job. For the past 3 years I have been the head chef at the Sand and Surf restaurant on River Street in Savannah, Georgia. Along with fresh seafood I have experience preparing top grade steaks and gourmet chicken dishes. Our fruits and vegetables were delivered fresh daily and I developed several veggie side dishes that became local favorites. Although I had a dessert and pastry chef at Sand and Surf, I still acquired experience making some desserts as well as main dishes and appetizers.

I am innovative and enthusiastic making customer satisfaction a top priority. I am an extremely hardworking chef with a passion for creating delectabledishes. I function well under pressure and I am accustomed to working in a fast-paced environment. I graduated from the International Culinary Institute in 2008 and worked for 2 years as a sous chef at a hotel restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, Florida before moving on to be the head chef at the Sand and Surf in 2010. One of my responsibilities is making certain that the very best quality meats, fish, poultry, vegetables, fruits and other ingredients are purchased for the restaurant and I have developed highly discriminating tastes over the past few years.

I have honed my skills at food pre-preparation creating a very productive system, and I have experience assisting the owner with setting menu prices and managing staff. I have created some of my own dishes and have added my personal flare to some of the more traditional dishes as well. I greatly enjoy creating new food combinations and experimenting with unusual flavors. I look forward to starting work in my new home very soon, and hope that you will consider my application and resume when you are in search of a new chef. You may contact me on my cell phone at (555)-555-5555 or via email at [email]


Your Signature

Diana Stanley

Example 3 – Response to Job Postings and Classifieds Ads

This chef cover letter example is from an individual who currently works as a chef on a riverboat cruise. She would like to transition to a position as a chef in a restaurant at a beach resort. She has a culinary school education and great reviews as the riverboat chef.

Dear Ms. Flannigan:

My name is Abigail Moss and I am currently the head chef on the Mighty Mississippi Riverboat Dinner Cruise in Biloxi. I have been the head chef for 3 years and was the sous chef on the dinner cruise for the 2 years prior. I do love my job, but after 5 years of cooking on a cruise ship, I would like to work on land. I began cooking on the riverboat immediately after graduating from the International Institute of Culinary Arts and have enjoyed every minute of it, but working on a cruise ship comes with unique challenges. When I saw your ad in the Biloxi Sun-Herald for a chef at the Gulfport Beach Resort, I knew it was time to move to a position on land.

Last year I was honored with the Chef of the Year Award from the Biloxi Diners’ Club. The award is presented each year to a chef in the greater Biloxi area whose dishes are unique and consistently prepared with expertise and a special flare. I am passionate about the food I prepare for guests and no dish that is less than my high standard of excellence leaves my kitchen to go to a guest’s table. After reading over your list of qualifications for a chef at the resort I am confident that I meet all of your requirements plus more.

I am versatile and able to work and supervise is all areas of kitchen preparation, including entrees, appetizers, sauces, soups, salads and even desserts. I have created several dishes for the riverboat cruise and have a few more in my repertoire that have not yet been presented to the public. I would welcome the opportunity to come to your kitchen and cook some of the more traditional favorites, some dishes with a unique twist and some of my latest creations. I believe you would be happy with my skill and creativity in the kitchen.

My resume is attached along with several newspaper and magazine articles about some of my best innovations in fine dining on the riverboat cruise. I hope you will consider me for the position of head chef at the Gulfport Beach Resort. It would be my privilege to bring my culinary talents to your fine establishment. I am available at your convenience for an interview or to cook a test meal for you. I can be reached at (555)-555-5555 or via email at [email]

Warm Regards,


Abigail Moss

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