Cyber Security Analyst Cover Letter

Dear Ms. Christian Miller,

I am currently seeking a position as a cyber security analyst and would like to be considered by your company, TEKsystems.

I have completed college and earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science with a strong background in math. I have worked with the National Cyber Security Division for many years and have gained experience in learning how to keep any computer systems such a mainframe and large servers secure from external attack. I understand that this career requires a continuing education as hackers gain new ways to infiltrate computer systems, those of us in cyber security need to be one step ahead to keep them from success.

My strengths lie in problem solving and I am love the challenge of being one step ahead of hackers who want to break into any computer system. I also have great skills in the English language and understand and use properly grammar, spelling and the rules of composition which is important when creating documents and reports. I am also quite verbose and do not have a problem with either written or verbal communication and can make myself understood even when the jargon is very technical.

Obviously I am a highly computer literate but this also includes an expert’s level at all Microsoft Office applications. I can work effectively on my own or as a part of team and understand that I would be required to do both if hired.

Please feel free to contact me at any time by calling (555)-555-5555 to set up a time for an interview.



Christopher Moen

Encl: Resume

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