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Committed Environmental Health Officer Cover Letter Example

Dear Ms. Flanagan,

I am applying for the Environmental Health Officer job now available at Health Research, Inc.

I have a bachelor’s degree in environmental health and the experience needed to fill this position. I specialize in food safety but I have acquired knowledge in all areas concerning environmental health issues. I have the education and training needed to create and implement policies and to help put laws into place to protect the public.

I have experience conducting inspections of companies and facilities to ensure they are following these laws and procedures. I also have experience compiling statistics and investigating complaints of food contamination to determine if the complaints are legitimate.

When violations are found, I know the proper procedures to follow in order to correct the problem to prevent the violator from continuing to endanger the public. I have excellent decision-making skills and the ability to shut down a facility if it is in violation of the laws and it poses a serious health risk.

I have the experience needed to keep accurate records of every inspection or complaint I investigate for future use. I also have experience appearing and presenting evidence in a courtroom when violators are prosecuted.

I pay close attention to detail, have excellent people skills and I possess the ability to be assertive but discrete. I have the skills to help educate the public about food safety and other health issues by helping to develop informational materials and I have the ability to respond immediately during an emergency.

You can reach me by calling (555)-555-5555 and I look forward to hearing from you soon.



Anna Hansen

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