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Dear Ms. Betty Henderson,

I am seeking a food processing position with your company Sandridge Food Corporation and would like to be considered. I have attached my resume to this document for you to look over.

I have a high school diploma and learned the trade through working with an experienced butcher and have worked in this field for more than six years to date. In my last place of employment, it was my duty to trim the fat of off cuts of meat, cut them down to proportions suitable for single family sales and to package all cuts of meat. This included using a slicer on certain products such as bacon slabs in order to have uniform slices for consumers.

Another aspect of my experience was working directly with customers to ensure that they received the cuts of meats they preferred. I have great communication skills and do not have an issue dealing with even the most demanding clientele. This includes listening to their needs and doing my best to fulfill them with the product on hand.

I understand and always implement all food safety handling guidelines and never allow poultry to contaminate other cuts of meat when I am working. I keep a clean area and always use soap and hot water to ensure no other types of cross contamination can occur. This also includes keeping all meats at the proper temperature at all times.

It would be my goal to obtain an interview with your hiring manager. I can be reached at any time by calling (555)-555-5555.


Donna Nelson

Donna Nelson

Resume Attached as MS Word Document

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