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Dynamic International Development Cover Letter Example

Dear Ms. Fowler,

I am applying for the HR Business Partner position now advertised for Boise Inc. and I have enclosed my resume with a complete detail of my education and experience.

I have the ability to monitor the activity of the human resource department and make sure they comply with all the rules and regulations they are required to follow. This reduces the risks of the company finding itself in a legal situation.

In the event that legal action is required, I have the knowledge and skills needed to find solutions to the problems that arise within the company that benefits everyone involved.

I have outstanding computer skills with the ability to keep up with current trends relevant to your company and I can distinguish between the bad and the good trends. I also have the ability to take action quick if certain trends or any other influence has the potential to have an adverse effect on the company.

I have the ability to help create a friendly and inviting environment that makes it a lot easier for the company to meet short and long-term goals. This type of environment encourages employees to contribute ideas and where they feel appreciated for their hard work.

I have the ability to recognize employees that have the potential to help the company go far. I know how to show recognition to these employees to encourage them to stay with your organization to help your company grow and reach its objectives.

You can reach me for an interview by calling (555)-555-5555 and I look forward to meeting with you in person.


Your Signature

Chris Ward

Enclosure: Resume

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