Observer Cover Letter

Dear Mrs. Greathouse,

I would like to apply for the Observer position that has recently been vacated at your organization. I understand the importance of my role in making sure that all affairs are handled justly for all parties involved. I know that my skills with communicating and observation techniques would be an asset to you.

My verbal and written capabilities hold me in good stead to keep notes and to know exactly what has happened through the use of these notes. I know that I am not able to get directly involved and need to stay impartial at all times. I have been a professional observer for more than thirteen years and plan on continuing in this line of work until I reach the age of retirement.

It is important for any observer to have the ability to see when injustices are committed and to report them back to my agency. For this reason, I feel I would be a great addition to your organization and I would bring a fresh pair of eyes to your already established team. If you would like to further discuss my background and the cases I have worked on, feel free to call me at any time on my cell phone (555)-555-5555.


Your Signature

John Cox

Enclosure: Resume

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