Dynamic Logistics Coordinator Cover Letter Example

Dear Mr. Propes,

Enclosed you will find my resume for your consideration in regards to the open Logistics Coordinator position at your company. I often review your website to check for open positions, and am very excited to have found one that perfectly matches my qualifications. I have enclosed a resume for your consideration.

I have worked as a Logistics Coordinator for the past five years at The Steritech Group, Inc, in which time I have gained a considerable amount of expense in handling business communications and transactions amongst our domestic and international partners and affiliate companies. This requires the highest regard for customer service, knowledge of logistics and distribution, and monitoring of product transportation. As far as professional education, I add to this list of experience a Masters in Logistics/Chain Distribution, having graduated from Benedict College in 1993.

I will thank you to review my resume, and determine if I am a good fit for your open position, and then give me a call at the following number: (555)-555-5555. Thanks so much for your time and reading this letter and resume.


Gary Harriso

Gary Harriso

Resume Attached as MS Word Document

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