Public Information Officer Cover Letter

Dear Ms. Wood,

I am interested in the Public Information Officer position with The Western News.

I have a bachelor’s degree in public relations and journalism experience. I worked as a news reporter for several years where I gained experience addressing the public on important issues. My experience includes researching news stories and then writing and editing the reports for the newscast. It also includes covering breaking news stories live and conducting interviews.

Through my experience, I have built very strong communication skills and gained valuable knowledge of the media. I have the ability to use this knowledge to act as liaison between the public and your organization. It has also provided me with the skills to arrange press releases and news conferences to answer questions, address concerns and to provide important information to the public. I can also organize awards ceremonies and other special events.

I am familiar with maintaining websites and creating content that can help answer many of the general questions the public may have. I have the knowledge and skills to produce and distribute both videos and printed material as another means to provide important information to the public.

I have the experience and skills to act as representative and to maintain the integrity of your organization by conducting myself in a professional manner and by using discretion at all times. I possess an outgoing personality and I am very detail oriented. I thrive in this fast paced, stressful environment and I have the ability to meet tight deadlines.

Please call (555)-555-5555 to arrange an interview.


Your Signature

Vincent West

Enclosure: Resume

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