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Skilled Medical Equipment Cover Letter Example

Dear Ms. Maria Heard,

In consideration of the biomedical engineer position that was recently listed by your company Medsearch Sales Group, I have attached my resume to this document.

I have an associate’s degree in biomedical engineering and have worked in the medical equipment industry for over ten years now while staying current with the latest technologies. My communication skills are the best which allows me to mentor other employees and to train them in the industry as well as offering customer service when required. I also have great troubleshooting skills that are necessary for all technical repair tasks along with time management to ensure that all tasks are handled on schedule.

At my previous place of employ, it was my duty to supervise the inspection, repair, maintenance and calibration of all of the clinical equipment, devices and systems at all locations. It was vital to interact on a routine basis with all health providers to ensure that all equipment was functioning properly and that there were no issues that required the services of the company. This included identifying and developing solutions to these issues before they became a serious problem for the health providers.

I currently have a substantial background of knowledge and experience in completing corporate initiatives regarding the improvement and development of all policies and procedures. It is also important to offer technical guidance in the selection and installation of all medical equipment and systems.

I can be reached at any time by calling (555)-555-5555 to set up a time for an interview.



Billy Evans

Encl: Resume

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