Patient Care Assistant Cover Letter

Dear Ms. Sims,

I am applying for the Patient Care Assistant position with Maryvale Hospital.

I worked for two years in a nursing home where I assisted the nurses and doctors in caring for the elderly. My duties included reading vital signs and logging them on charts for the other health care professionals. I assisted in therapy exercises after escorting patients to their sessions and I have experience dealing with difficult patients that didn’t corporate with the nurses and doctors orders.

My duties also included providing patients with personal care. This includes helping them dress, helping them to the restroom, assisting with baths and feeding those that needed help. I also escorted patients through the facility to different parts of the nursing home to help them get some exercise and a change of scenery.

My experience also includes checking on patients during their stay and keeping an extensive documentation of their condition for comparisons. When there is noticeable change in the patients that reflected they were improving or getting worse, I contacted the head nurse. I also assisted in scheduling appointments for the patients under my care and transporting specimens and documents to and from the lab.

I helped to keep the facility clean and free of trash and other debris to ensure a safe environment for patients. I also kept inventory and ordered office supplies and stocked the restrooms. I engaged in small talk with the patients to help create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere to help make their stay a little better.

I am available most anytime for an interview and you can reach me at ((555)-555-5555).


Eugene Walker

Eugene Walker

Resume Attached as MS Word Document

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