Head Cashier Cover Letter

Dear Ms. Zella Green,

I am applying for the position of Head Cashier at Safeway Corp.

Having been an employee with your company for the last two years, I believe that I have proven I have what it takes to be promoted to this position. I have an excellent work record with a reputation of being dependable and trustworthy. I have the experience and skills to run a cash register proficiently and I have the ability to oversee the other cashiers to make sure everything is running smoothly.

I have excellent math skills and I scored in the highest percentile on the math tests required for employment with your company. My cash shortages/overages are always within acceptable range and I completely understand your computer system.

I am very observant with the ability to help monitor customers as they enter, walk around and leave the store while running the register or performing other duties. This helps to reduce the risks of theft and it also helps to spot customers that need assistance. This makes it possible to offer help without them having to ask for it, which improves customer service.

I thoroughly enjoy meeting different people throughout the day and I maintain a positive and upbeat attitude at all times. I have the ability to teach cashiers how to use the cash register correctly and I can offer advice on how to stay calm and focused on the job during rush hours. I can also help motivate cashiers to put forth their best efforts and to treat the customers with respect and a friendly attitude.

You can contact me by calling (555)-555-5555.



Kenneth Mayton

Encl: Resume

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