Volunteer Cover Letter Example

Writing a Volunteer cover letter Examples is your introduction to the hiring manager. In order to stand out companies want you to present your relevant work history and skills according to the job you are applying for. Whether you're seeking an entry-level position or have been in your career for a few years, exposing your relevant achievements in your cover letter can allow you to stand out and get that job interview.

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Here are Volunteer Cover Letter Examples:

Dear Ms. Madison:

My name is Cheryl Clark and I retired last year after 25 years with the ABC County School System. Throughout my career I have taught kindergarten, first and second grades. Working with children is my joy; however due to the downturn in the economy and the laying off of teachers in our area, I elected to accept the early retirement package offered to those of us who have been with the school system over 20 years. Now it would be my honor and privilege to donate my time to working with the children at the ABC Community Center as a volunteer. I have a flexible schedule and am willing to handle any job for which I am qualified.

I taught for my entire career at ABC Primary School where I was voted Teacher of the Year 4 times. I was also named County Teacher of the Year in 2003 and went on to be a finalist for State Teacher of the Year. It has been my responsibility to teach children basic reading, writing, comprehension and math skills that serve as the foundation for their public school education. I have always worked hard to instill in children a love of books and a thirst for knowledge. I have incorporated art and music into my teaching wherever possible in order to maintain the children’s attention and enhance their educational experience. I am also proficient in American Sign Language as well as Spanish.

I am willing and able to go through any training program that you require as well as background checks and drug testing. I greatly miss the children that I taught at ABC Primary. Teaching was not just a job for me. It was my life’s work and something that I treasure. I hope you will consider me for a position as a volunteer at ABC Community Center. I believe I have a lot to offer the children in your care. My resume is attached and I can be reached at (555)-555-5555 or by email at [email] I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Cheryl Clark

Cheryl Clark

Example 2 -Unadvertised Opening

This volunteer cover letter example is from an individual who wishes to donate his time at a local senior center. He took care of his father for several years and now that his father has passed away he has the time, energy and desire to work with other elderly people.

Dear Mr. Berry:

I am Alex Matthews and I am interested in volunteering at the ABC Senior Center. My father, who lived with me for the past 5 years, passed away last month and I find that I have too much idle time. After caring for my father for the last years of his life I believe I have acquired the energy and the patience needed to work with seniors. I am available at least 3 days a week and possibly more if necessary. I am willing and able to go through a background check, drug test and any other screenings you require of your volunteers as well as any training programs.

My father was a member of the center and I visited with him for special occasions like plays, concerts and holiday parties. I also accompanied him on the annual Branson, Missouri trip. I believe that the ABC Senior Center provides a very valuable service to the community and it would be my privilege to be a part of such an honorable endeavor. I do have some experience working with other seniors besides my father as I have been teaching the Golden Years Sunday School Class at ABC Community Church for the last 6 years. As the teacher, I organize regular outings for the class as well as luncheons and dinners for holidays and other special occasions.

I am a retired electrician. I ran my own company for 27 years and sold it 6 years ago to a national corporation, but I have maintained my licensing and insurance as I donate my services to ABC Community Church. I also donate electrician services through the church to people in the community who are struggling financially but need electrical work done in their homes. My resume is attached and I am available to come to your office for an interview at your convenience. Please feel free to contact me at (555)-555-5555 or by email at [email]


Your Signature

Alex Matthews

Example 3 – Response to Job Postings and Classifieds Ads

This volunteer cover letter example is from a high school environmental science and ecology teacher. She wishes to volunteer for the summer as a hiking guide at a national park. She does not work during the summer months; therefore has both the time and love of nature needed to volunteer.

Dear Mr. Angelo:

I am a teacher at ABC High School where my courses include Environmental Science, Ecology, Earth Science and Horticulture. I am applying for the position of volunteer hiking guide at ABC National Park which was advertised in the Park Newsletter. I have been teaching for 6 years and earned both my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Education at ABC State University. I grew up in the county and have spent countless hours, including many overnight camping trips, at ABC National Park; therefore I am well acquainted with all of the park’s hiking trails.

This is the first year I will not be teaching summer school. Due to budget cuts in the county this year, all summer school classes will be offered online. As I greatly enjoy hiking the park trails in the summer when I am not in my regular classes, I thought why not volunteer to guide others along the trails? I have a love and respect for the natural beauty of the park and vast knowledge of the vegetation that grows along the trails and the animals that make the park their home. I believe I have a great deal to offer the visitors to the park, particularly those who want to hike both the small, easy trails and the longer more challenging ones as well.

I am happy to go through any background checks and training programs that you require. Although my first choice is to be a volunteer hiking guide, I would be happy to volunteer in any capacity where my skill and knowledge would be useful. My resume is attached along with a letter of reference from my principal, Ms. Marcia Stone. Please feel free to contact me on my cell phone at (555)-555-5555 or via email at [email] I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Happy Trails!


Suzanne Pike