Commercial Diver Cover Letter

Dear Ms. Lewis,

I am writing to apply for the Commercial Diver position with Ripley’s Entertainment and I have been preparing for this type of position since high school.

I started out by becoming part of the swim team in high school where I was at the top of my league and then I began taking diving lessons. After learning the basics and getting familiar with diving I knew I wanted to pursue a career in commercial diving. As a result, I attended a training program for commercial divers to perfect my dive and to receive in-depth training in this field.

Through this program I gained extensive training in using and maintaining diving equipment, welding underwater, seamanship and rigging. I also have experience using video and photographic equipment designed for underwater use. My knowledge also includes diving physics, diving technology, decompression procedures and safety, which includes preventing and treating injuries and diseases associated with diving.

I gained experience in planning operations, drawing and reading blueprints and writing reports. I conducted inspections and ran test for quality control to ensure proper performance of the equipment and products used in underwater building and repairs. I have excellent communication, active listening, time management and troubleshooting skills. I also possess the ability to use critical thinking to find solutions to problems as they arise.

I have CPR and first aid certifications in addition to being certified in Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response. I am physically fit with a high endurance level. I also have the flexibility to travel to different sites and stay in different locations until the job is complete.

Please call (555)-555-5555 for an interview.


Jay Bush

Jay Bush

Resume Attached as MS Word Document

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