Teacher Assistant Cover Letter Example

Writing a Teacher Assistant cover letter Examples is your introduction to the hiring manager. In order to stand out companies want you to present your relevant work history and skills according to the job you are applying for. Whether you're seeking an entry-level position or have been in your career for a few years, exposing your relevant achievements in your cover letter can allow you to stand out and get that job interview.

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Here are Teacher Assistant Cover Letter Examples:

Dear Principal Simmons:

My name is Lori Camp and all 3 of my children are students at ABC Elementary School. I know that you will be forming several additional kindergarten classes this fall and I wanted to apply for a position as a teacher assistant. Before having my children I was actually an accountant with the city Finance Department. For the past 8 years I have been a stay-at-home mom, but now that all 3 of my children are in school I would like to re-enter the workforce. Being a teacher assistant is an ideal job for me as I am already familiar with the school and most of the staff and I would have the same holidays as my children.

I have spent a great deal of time at ABC Elementary serving as a parent volunteer over the past 3 years. One of my favoritevolunteer activities has been working with the kindergarteners who struggle with reading and helping them improve their word recognition and reading comprehension skills. As a parent, I know that every aspect of learning hinges on reading well. As a former accountant, I have excellent math skills and am able to help children understand math concepts. I also have strong computer skills and have volunteered 1 day a week in the school’s computer lab for the past 2 years where I helped children learn basic computer functions.

Itwould be a great honor to work at ABC Elementary School as a teacher assistant in a kindergarten classroom. It is so rewarding to watch children expand their knowledge and abilities. I hope you will consider my attached resume along with the reference letter from the school librarian, Ms. Linda Gibbs. I am available for an interview at your convenience and you may reach me on my cell phone at (555)-555-5555 or by email at [email]


Lori Camp

Lori Camp

Example 2 -Unadvertised Opening

This teacher assistant cover letter example is from a graduate student looking for a teacher assistant position in the history department of a large university. The student graduated earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in history from the same university and needs a job to help pay for graduate school.

Dear Dean Burton:

I am applying for a teacher assistant position in the History Department at ABC University. As you know, I just graduated with honors from ABC with a Bachelor of Arts in American History, but am willing and able to expand my horizons and work as a TA in any area in the History Department. I have been accepted into the graduate program in historyat ABC and must work to offset the costs of my education. A position as a TA would be ideal for my situation.

Having gone through the undergraduate program in American History at ABC, I am very familiar with the responsibilities of a TA in the History Department. I have already read most of the course texts and materials, although I would certainly want to review them. I believe I would do an excellent job of assisting the professor during lectures, leading discussions and grading assignments and exams.

I would expect to have regular office hours and be available to students who have concerns about their course assignments, research papers or upcoming exams, and I believe I would do an excellent job of acting as a liaison between the students and the professor. In addition, I am proficient in all areas of Microsoft Suite and would do a good job of helping the professor prepare materials for class. I also know how to properly operate all of the audio/visual equipment in the History Department and would be able to prepare the auditorium for a large lecture event.

It would be my honor to work as a teacher assistant in the History Department at ABC University. I have a passion for history and empathy for the students working hard to earn their Bachelor’s degrees. My resume and application are attached along with a letter of reference from Dr. Hugh Roberts, Professor Emeritus. I am available for an interview any time and can be reached on my cell phone at (555)-555-5555 or via email at [email]

Warm Regards,

Your Signature

Justin Adams

Example 3 – Response to Job Postings and Classifieds Ads

This teacher assistant cover letter example is from astudent who recently graduated from an art school with a degree in fine arts. She is applying for a teacher assistant position at a school that feeds into a major ballet company. She aspires to be a choreographer for the company.

Dear Madame Dubois:

My name is Caroline Dobbs and I am a recent graduate of the XYZ School of the Arts where I attended the College of Dance studying ballet and earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts. It has always been my dream to be affiliated with the ABC Ballet Company; therefore I am responding to the ad in Dance Magazine for a teacher assistant for Mr. Matthew Wheeler. I have actually taken classes from Mr. Wheeler as each summer while in college I have come to New York to participate in his summer sessions. I also worked as a Rockette each summer for the last 4 years to help pay for the cost of tuition to Mr. Wheeler’s classes at ABC Ballet School.

While in school I took multiple courses in technique, dance and music perspectives, theatrical concepts, composition and choreography. I also took the required courses in literature, biology of movement, anatomy, nutrition, psychology and digital media.I worked exceedingly hard at XYZ and believe my education has prepared me well for a position as a teacher assistant at ABC. I hope to go on to teach my own classes one day as well as choreograph performance material and direct productions.

XYZ College of Dance is well known and respected regionally for semi-annual classical ballet productions, and I participated in all of the productions during my 4 years there from 2009 to 2013. I played the role of Giselle my senior year and played the role of Myrtha in Giselle my freshman year. My sophomore year I played the role of Camille in La Traviata as well as the role of Berta in Ondine, and my junior year I played both Effie and the Sylph in different performances of La Sylphide. Every Christmas, the company performed The Nutcracker and over the course of 4 years I have played the Sugar Plum Fairy, Arabian Coffee, a Snowflake and Harlequin.

I hope you will consider my attached application, resume and letter of reference from Professor Virginia Carver at XYZ. It would be my great honor and privilege to work at ABC Ballet Company as Mr. Wheeler’s assistant. I am available at your convenience for an interview and audition. I can be reached on my cell phone at (555)-555-5555 or via email at [email]



Caroline Dobbs