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Peter Davis
370 Beeghley Street
Waco, TX 76705
Nov 8, 2013
Ms. Lynda Wise
Laurel Heights Hospital
1645 Rubaiyat Road
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Dear Ms. Lynda Wise,
I am applying for the open position of ABA Consultant now available at Laurel Heights Hospital.
I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology and I have a Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst certification. I have also completed coursework in applied behavioral analysis principles. I am qualified to work with both adults and children with developmental and learning disorders and I have the ability to help patients with all types of behavior issues.

I can help patients who are having a hard time socially learn to adjust and find ways to get along with others at school or work. I can help these patients learn how to communicate with others successfully and help them build their confidence so they don’t feel inferior or like they don’t belong. I also have the skills to help teach these patients about personal self-care.

I am familiar with the structured treatment programs created by behavioral consultants and I have the knowledge to choose the best one for each patient based on their individual needs. My training has taught me how to use behavior analysis to help the patients learn how to improve in all areas of life from playing with others to learning academic skills. It has also taught me how to replace negative or aggressive behaviors with positive behaviors.

I have excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to help patients feel calm and comfortable by creating a relaxing environment. I also possess outstanding communication skills with the ability to talk in such a way that they can understand.
My contact number is (222)-508-9211 and I hope to meet with you soon.
Peter Davis
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