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Joel Dixon
2594 Brookside Drive
Tuscaloosa, AL 35476
Oct 7, 2010
Mr. Chang Brooks
CEVA Logistics
4345 Wilkinson Court
Naples, FL 33962

Dear Mr. Brooks,
I’m submitting this letter in response to the job position being advertised for an account coordinator for CEVA Logistics. I feel as though I have the ability to get the job done fast and efficiently.
I believe that my expertise can be a great asset to CEVA Logistics. Some of these are discussed below:
•My 5 years of experience have provided me with the knowledge and ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment while keeping an eye out for detail.
•My experience includes gathering the materials needed for presentations to make them informative and interesting.
•I have the skills to ensure weekly reports are done in a timely manner with complete accuracy and the ability to keep all records organized and updated.
•During my years of experience I’ve assisted in coordinating a number of different projects and meetings between organizations and clients.
•I have the ability to adapt to a changing environment and work productively in demanding situations.
I’m self-motivated, hard working and have a strong desire to help organization meet their goals and reach new heights. I’m certain that my abilities can be put to good use at CEVA Logistics by making excellent contributions.
I feel sure that my strong analytical skills combined with my communication skills will make it possible for me to be an asset to CEVA Logistics. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to meet in person. I can be contacted by phone at (666)-914-5596, or you can send me an email at [email]
Your Signature
Joel Dixon
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