Ad Response Cover Letter

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A classified ad response cover letter is a cover letter that an applicant would use in response to a classified advertisement they saw in the paper or online; seeking someone to fill the position that they are applying for. Below is a good example of what a classified ad response cover letter looks like.

Jimmy Walker
47B Nobody’s Street
Swansey, MA 96758
Ms. Olga Stevens
Swansey Board of Education
6743 Education Blvd.
Swansey, MA 96758
Dear Ms. Stevens,
I am writing to submit my candidacy for the versatile and talented English Teacher position advertised in Swansey Daily News, as I have all the levels of talent, versatility, and patience required to be a thorough and effective educator. Beyond just answering to the requests for a teacher that offers compassion, computer skills, various teaching methods/ideas, and commitment to student learning; I offer my 20 years as an educator of both middle and high school students with an enthusiasm that has never dimmed in that time.
At present, I am employed as English Teacher at Swansey Elementary School, and the details of your ad mirror the very functions, skills, and roles that I am responsible for here. My fellow colleagues, the Board, as well as the Principal will attest to my educating standards and skills.
I am presently affiliated with a highly regarded private elementary school. Mr. Craig, the headmaster, will certainly give you a good reference. The details of your advertisement suggest to me that the position will involve many of the same responsibilities that I am currently performing.
These are but a few of the qualifications that I bring to the position that you are hiring for at Swansey Private School, and I would love the opportunity to discuss my career history further with you. I will call next week so that we might schedule a time just for this. Thank you so much for your time.
Jimmy Smith

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