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Dear Ms. Diane Rey,

I am interested in acquiring a position in the Airline industry and I have the skills and training to be a great asset to any company.

I am interested in becoming an air traffic controller but willing to start at the bottom and perform other jobs as I continue to receive the training needed to fill this particular position. I have a bachelor’s degree from Columbus Technical College, extensive knowledge of the equipment used in tracking aircrafts and the ability to use the instruments responsibly to help keep the airspace in a given area safe.

My job skills include the ability to identify problems and to find a solution quickly and I am familiar with the rules and guidelines used to keep the planes a safe distance apart to avoid accidents when in the air or on the field. I am a fast learner who adjusts to different situations and environments quickly and I have the ability to remain calm and act fast during emergency to handle the situation with as little impact as possible.

Other skills that help to qualify me for a position within this industry includes the ability to communicate efficiently, pay close attention to detail and having the patience to work with precision to ensure all duties are handled in a professional and efficient manner. I also have excellent time management, organizational and multi-tasking abilities along with the skills to learn different jobs quickly and competently. If your airline company needs an energetic, hard working individual eager to learn, give me a call.

My contact number is (555)-555-5555.


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Lance Horowitz

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