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Paulina Woods
3826 Wiseman Street
Knoxville, TN 37917

Feb 8, 2012

Ms. Sally Quintana
Catapult Systems Inc.
3813 Buckhannan Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13202

Dear Ms. Sally Quintana,

I am applying for the Associate Consultant position now available with Catapult Systems Inc.

This is the perfect job for me because I have the ability to communicate with clients about their projects, so we have a clear understanding of exactly what they expect from the project and what we can deliver. This helps to eliminate costly mistakes and it helps to build a positive reputation for the company. I can answer questions, address concerns and provide recommendations when appropriate.

I am a professional at all times and I know how to handle disputes delicately and in such a way as to find a suitable solution for everyone. I have the experience needed to monitor projects and prepare progress reports. If at any time problems occur interfering with a project, I can deal with them efficiently and get things rolling again in a reasonable amount of time.

I am computer literate and familiar with all the latest technologies. I have the ability to learn any programs or software that I do not currently use. I have the ability to work in any type of setting with team members or independently. I can travel whenever necessary and with a moment’s notice.

I have a bachelor’s degree in computer science and I have outlined my most relevant experience in my resume. My knowledge, training and education make me an excellent candidate for this position and I would like to thank you for considering me as a worthy candidate.

You can reach me by calling (111)-477-4560 and I am available anytime for an interview.



Paulina Woods

Encl: Resume

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