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Miriam West
2585 Meadow View Drive
Hartford, CT 6103

Jan 10, 2013

Ms. Susan Jones
Eagle Security Solutions
2792 Conference Center Way
Scranton, PA 18503

Dear Ms. Jones

I am writing to apply for a position of Bail Enforcement Agent with Eagle Security Solutions.

This is no ordinary job and it takes a person with special qualities to handle it. I am that type of person and I have the ability to ensure that the defendant shows up for their hearing and/or trial. Sometimes, defendants get scared and sometimes, they simply do not care about anything but their freedom and in these cases, they often run.

Once a defendant turns into a fugitive, I have the resources and training needed to track down their location no matter how far they run. Once I have located the fugitive, I can go to their location, apprehend them and bring them back to stand trial for their transgression.

I understand the risks involved with this profession and I know that it can be very dangerous, especially when trying to apprehend someone who has committed serious crimes. However, I trust my training, skills and excellent decision-making abilities to keep me safe and to prevent legal actions from being taken against me if the fugitive is injured when apprehended.

I have extensive training in techniques to use for apprehending fugitives in such a way as to minimize the risks of injury and years of experience in this field. I can help save your agency thousands of dollars by bringing back the defendants who run and become fugitives so they will meet their obligations and stand trial.

You can reach by calling (333)-328-2092 and I look forward to your call.


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Miriam West

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