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Ann Vega
1052 Masonic Hill Road
Little Rock, AR 72212

Jan 6, 2013

Ms. Jaunita Headley
RKV Technologies
1815 Arthur Avenue
Rockford, IL 61109

Dear Ms. Headley,

When I saw that RKV Technologies was searching for a beta tester, I got very excited. I hope that you will consider me as one of the top choices because I am a big fan of your company.

I understand that this is a huge responsibility but I know that I can handle the job without difficult. I have all of the qualities needed to be a tester for your company. I love gaming and I have spent years playing to learn all I can about the different types of video games out there. For this reason, I consider myself an expert gamer.

I am very observant and willing to take my time as I play through all of the parts of the game that are available. This way, I can gain a real perspective of what the game is all about, so I can provide you with accurate reports.

In addition, I have lots of patience to deal with the problems that often pop up in these tests. I also have the ability to communicate with you efficiently to explain the problems that I run into. This will help to make it easier for you to find suitable solutions. I can also tell you about the parts of the game that are simply awesome, so you will know what gamers are going to find the most exciting.

I have a real interest in becoming a Beta Tester for your company and I am always available. You can reach me by calling (111)-555-7444 to make the arrangements if you choose me.


Your Signature

Ann Vega

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