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Henry Miller
4636 Cherry Tree Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32202

Apr 17, 2013

Ms. Ona Foor
Ultra Protection, Inc.
3059 Aspen Court
Malden, MA 2148

Dear Ms. Foor,

I saw the advertisement for a Bodyguard with Ultra Protection, Inc. and I have the experience and training your posting requires.

Being a Bodyguard is not for everyone. It can be a dangerous job with many unpredictable situations but I am perfect for this job. I have the physical qualities needed to provide you with the protecting you need. I have hand-to-hand combat training so in the event it became necessary, I can physically fight off an attack.

In addition to my physical abilities, I have an exceptional eye for detail, which means I can spot potential threats before they become issues. I have the ability to plan protection detail for events and other outings that could put my client in harm’s way to ensure all safety precautions are taken.

I have the ability to map out the safest travel routes to each destination and I can pick out all the most likely spots for an ambush. I have exceptional driving skills with the ability to get out of most any situation and the flexibility to provide 24-hour protection for my clients.

I will always have a plan ready to put into action if something does occur and I can blend into the crowd at events so that I am virtually unnoticed. I am loyal, dependable and I take my job seriously. My goal is to keep clients out of harm’s way at all times but in the event this is not possible, I will protect my clients at all cost and under any circumstances.

You can reach me by calling (123)-642-7531. I look forward to hearing from you.



Henry Miller

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