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Kristy Hill
2130 Emily Renzelli Boulevard
Tres Pinos, CA 95075

Feb 25, 2013

Ms. Gayle Mahmoud
Vision Computers, Inc.
21 Village View Drive
Washington, MD 20200

Dear Ms. Mahmoud,

I am applying for the Computer Repair Technician position now available with Vision Computers, Inc.

I have an associate degree in computer programming and my courses consisted of installing and maintaining systems. During this training, I gained experience identifying hardware and software issues and then troubleshooting the system to find solutions. I took apart systems and replaced parts, soldered components on circuit boards and I studied computer networks and digital logic.

I gained lots of experience working with computer accessories such as printers, servers, disc drives and mainframes. I even helped to develop procedures to be used for training purposes and I learned how to manage a database properly.

I have the training to locate corrupted software or determine when it has not been installed incorrectly. I have the ability to identify upgrades that are incompatible or when a system is infected with malware. I have experience running cabling for installation and I have the reading and writing skills to accurately fill out reports, read instructions and to submit all paperwork in a timely fashion.

I possess the interpersonal skills to work with other professionals and clients and the communication skills needed to explain problems and technical terms to clients in a way that they can understand. I can also explain to clients how to use new systems to help get them started. I stay current on all the latest technologies including personal devices such as PDAs and Smartphones, which users synch to their computer’s database.

You can reach me by calling (222)-635-5326 and I look forward to meeting you soon to discuss the position in more detail.


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Kristy Hill

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